The CRG PhD course provides students with an overview of CRG and the major research topics in Gene Regulation, Cell and Systems Biology, and Bioinformatics programmes. The course includes lectures that provide general principles rather than highly specialized information, and may use examples of research accomplishments by CRG groups to help illustrate the approaches and implications of the results.

Date : October - November 2020
Level: Beginners

This course will focus on the preparation of next generation sequencing libraries for sequencing on the Illumina platform. The course will include a theoretical part about sequencing technologies and a practical part scheduled in two modules to be chosen: ChIP seq library preparation (NEBNext) and mRNA seq stranded library preparation (Illumina). The course will be taught by experienced instructors from the core facility who use these protocols on a daily basis.

The course will consist of a common theoretical part and two separate modules (mRNA seq and ChIP seq) which could be taken independently.

 A solution of Electronic Lab Notebook has been implemented in the CRG in order to replace the paper lab notebook and offer a new solution that improve the experimental data storage and boost the scientific collaborations and data exchange. The solution of ELN is based on Microsoft OneNote and OneDrive for Business / SharePoint.

3 levels of support are available in the CRG:

- The ELN Group Master: located in every group, they are supposed to be the first level of support for all the scientists
- The ELN Master: they are the second level of support and the main interface between the ELN Group Masters and the IT department
- The IT department: they are providing the technical support to the ELN Master and are taking care of the maintenance of the ELN platform